Collison Nebulizer Acquisition

CH Technologies (USA) of Westwood, NJ, has purchased the rights and
remaining stock of the Collison nebulizer. This purchase, from Mesa Laboratories, along with associated Intellectual Property, vendor lists and patent, was completed on October 12, 2017.

Production and R&D, going forward, will be the job of the CHT engineering

Bob Gussman and Kevin and Brian Devoe, formerly of BGI, have offered to assist
CHT staff as independent contractors and quality control consultants.

The various devices for which BGI and CH Technologies have become known, namely Inhalation Exposure Systems as well as the Wright Dust Feeder, the Collison, BANG and BLAM atomizer/nebulizers, the Clean Lens and Laminar
Flow Adapter as well as the Vilnius Aerosol Generator and associated
respirable particle cyclone will be manufactured by many of the same
craftsman that worked with and for BGI.

Contact CHT's President, Dr. Rudolph Jaeger at:

800 468 6943


if you have any questions.

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