E-Cigarette Aerosol Generator

CH Technologies is offering an E-Cigarette Aerosol Generator (ECAG) designed and manufactured by e~Aerosols’. The ECAG delivers aerosols from most available Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). Designed and developed at NYU School of Medicine, the ECAG generates each aerosol using a novel, positive pressure approach that utilizes clean, dry, particle-free air as the carrier gas. All parameters governing each puff profile can be adjusted, such as, operating voltage, flow rate, and puff duration. Puff regimes are preprogrammed at the factory or can be set by the user, allowing a fast startup at the push of a button.

This novel positive pressure system allows easier physicochemical characterization at the ENDS’ exhaust port and eliminates artifacts that could be introduced from negative pressure systems that utilize ambient air for the carrier gas. The ECAG was designed to accommodate most one piece disposable electronic cigarettes, in addition to the refillable tank/ clearomizer two piece versions, and sub-ohm atomizers. By providing constant power at each port, users can choose their own operating voltage for aerosol generation or choose to operate each e-cigarette with its own proprietary battery. Ohmmeters built into each channel allow the electrical resistance associated with each cartridge to be determined. The ECAG is able to simulate all standard e-cigarette batteries and voltages, thus allowing the study of voltage effects on aerosol production and eliminating the need to use or recharge batteries during generation. The digital upgrade option utilizes a mass flow controller and allows for a more precise generation. Puff volume accuracy is increased to ± 0.8%.

  • Various protocols, regimens, cigarette sizes, & tests are supported
  • Easier and more accurate aerosol characterization at the exhaust
  • Reduce artifacts found in the test aerosols
  • Mimic battery types at various voltages
  • Clean, dry, particle free carrier gas
  • Additional port configurations available
  • In Vivo and In Vitro Exposure Research
  • Electronic cigarette test aerosol generation
  • Aerosol physicochemical analysis
  • Drug Discovery
  • Single port
  • Three port


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