Inhalation Exposure Systems

The goal of CH Technologies is to provide the most efficient test article inhalation exposure system with the lowest dead space. In a pursuit that never ends, CH raises the bar faced in creating the next advancement.

Nose Only Inhalation Exposure Systems (NOIES)* and it's successor, the Oro-Nasal and Respiratory Exposure Systems (ONARES), represent our highest level of achievement to date.

From small, one animal, units to 13-tier exposure towers, CH systems scale across test species and generation methods. From precious pharmaceuticals to larger scale agrochemicals, and the microbiological systems in between, CH Inhalation Exposure Systems offer cost effective and easy to operate exposure technologies.

Supplementing CH's Inhalation Exposure System offerings are technologies that cover a wide range of applications such as  the Hazelton 750, 1000 and 2000 Whole Body Exposure Systems and single animal Precise Inhale Systems such as those from Inhalation Sciences of Sweden.

To best serve our clients, CH Technologies has developed strong partnerships with numerous respected manufacturers including:

  • PALAS GmbH of Germany for aerosol monitors and generators
  • emka for physiological measurement systems
  • Biaera Technology of Hagerstown, MD for inhalation exposure systems control and integration
  • Germ Free Labs of Florida for isolation and containment cabinets
  • VitroCell of Germany for cell culture exposure
  • BGI, recently acquired by Mesa Labs, for industrial hygiene and air pollution monitoring

Whether you require an individual piece of equipment or a full turnkey system, CH Technologies is uniquely qualified to deliver a solution optimized to your needs.

*(NOIES) Nose-Only Inhalation Exposure Systems

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