Innovative Solutions for Precision Inhalation and Particle Exposure Systems

CH equips clients with a responsive source for cutting-edge inhalation and particle exposure systems tailored to each client's specific needs.

We specialize in Nose-Only/ Whole Body inhalation exposure testing equipment for toxicology, bio-defense, pharmacology and infectious disease research.

Our patented systems offer broad adaptability as they are fully expandable and, thanks to the CH Technologies' staff of experienced and innovative engineers, highly customizable to suit your precise requirements.

At CH, we pride ourselves on our ability to rise to any challenge in creating a superior solution that satisfies the demands you face.

What's New At CH Technologies?   


CH Technologies has been given permission to locate a Fidas 200 monitoring system at Rutgers PAM site.


CH Technologies now offers IQ/OQ/PQ validation for devices and systems.


Real time data acquisition has just become easier with CH Technologies distributing Envirologger's M2M Gateway.


The ENVI-CPC, made available by Palas®, allows for continuous environmental ambient air monitoring without the need for hourly maintenance and refilling.


The FIDAS Fly provides the user the latest technology of Aerosol Monitoring by combining the utility of a real time dust monitor with a flying drone.


The HPP-CSM has been upgraded with a new pinch valve.


The Naneos Partector is the world's smallest nanoparticle detector and is now being offered in the Americas through CH Technologies (USA) Inc.


CH Technologies (USA) Inc. has acquired the BGI Wright Dust Feeder II product line from Mesa Laboratories Inc.


CH Technologies has become the sole distributor of the Collison for MESA labs.


CH Technologies is offering an Electronic Cigarette Aerosol Generator (ECAG) designed by e~Aerosols’.

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