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All Experience is an Arch, to Build Upon

Beyond our turnkey systems, one of core competencies are custom designs. Below you will find but a snapshot of the process at work.

At CH Technologies, our goal is to provide you with a complete system. Whether you are just getting started or are looking to upgrade, our motto never changes, “the small things matter.” As such, every bespoke design is vetted by our team of engineers and scientists to ensure the highest quality product for all of your experimental needs.

With our experience across a broad range of disciplines, we are able to provide our customers with the peace-of-mind that our bespoke systems will function as discussed. Not only that, but by sticking with CH’s complete designs, you can rely on a level of quality and support from the CH team that you will not find in other places in the industry.

CH Technologies wants to arm you with the right tools for the job and to ensure that you receive a complete bespoke (novel?) system that is tested and ready to run. You will not have to source any connections or other equipment like you would with our competitors or simple equipment suppliers. We are always looking to make happy customers which will allow us to continue adding more to this page.

*Please contact us at if you would like a case study of your work with our systems exhibited.

At CH Technologies small things matter tremendously.
It is our passion.

In the field of inhalation toxicology, the microscopic properties of respirable particles far exceed the power of our senses. Despite their small size, the impact they have on our lives and environment is profound. Combining the latest technology with our culminating expertise of aerosol science, we work beyond the current capabilities of research to push the boundaries of inhalation toxicology.

This is why here at CH Technologies we believe the small things count. Our attention to detail has long been a mark of quality on our products, resulting not only in publications, but lasting relationships with our customers.



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