Sampling and Monitoring Devices

CH Technologies offers a full spectrum of Aerosol sampling and monitoring devices. We support a broad customer base with a comprehensive array of devices that span a range covering units that employ earlier technologies all the way to equipment at the cutting edge of innovation. Our devices are capable of measuring gravimetric samples and analog distributions; they can also show real-time particle size distribution and concentration data. 

Every device sold by CH benefits from the support of our extraordinary technical staff. Their experience, knowledge, and ingenuity in the face of a challenge accompanies every piece of CH equipment sold.

Each CH sampling device we deliver features the best technology in the marketplace executed with world-class technical expertise. By choosing CH Technologies you will get the ideal device for your needs with a delivery method optimized for your specific application. 

CH Technologies enjoys a close relationship with Palas GmbH of Germany, Naneos Particle Solutions GmbH of Switzerland, Casella of UK, Pegasor of Finland, Graywolf Sensing Solutions, California Analytical Instruments, and Intox Products. That relationship provides CH with full access to a broad spectrum of outstanding aerosol spectrometers, nanoparticle monitors, gas detectors and sampling devices equips us to be your one-stop resource for optimized solutions.  

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