Inhalation Exposure Systems
As a leading manufacturer of inhalation exposure systems for infectious disease research, CH Technologies stands ready to meet and surpass your needs for all areas of COVID research.

Bio-Aerosol Generators
With long standing experience and expertise in preserving the viability of organisms for bio-aerosol generation, CH Technologies stands ready to be a prominent leader and manufacturer of generators from small to large scale.

Particle/Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
We offer a wide range of complete rigs available for testing of filter media and complete respirators for determining particle and bacterial filtration efficiency offering ideal solutions for manufacturers of filter media, additives, and complete filter assemblies.

Screening and Monitoring
There is a need for research in how particles are spread, by whom, and the effectiveness of a mask. CH Technologies introduces 3 new research tools, by PalasĀ®, to further advance the capabilities of we currently can measure.

Sample Collection Devices
CH Technologies offers, in addition to its high tech sampling devices, reliable time-tested methods of aerosol sample collecting for post analysis.

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