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Inhalation Exposure Systems
The goal of CH Technologies is to provide the most efficient test article inhalation exposure system with the lowest dead space. In a pursuit that never ends, CH raises the bar faced in creating the next advancement.
From precious pharmaceuticals to larger scale agrochemicals, and the microbiological systems in between, CH Inhalation Exposure Systems offer cost effective and easy to operate exposure technologies.
Specialized Exposure Systems
Like our inhalation systems, our specialized exposure systems are designed by our engineers to provide the operator with an easy to use experience. The same high quality standards in our inhalation systems are carried over and applied here to allow for stable repeatable results allowing the user to make the most of their research time and reducing any potential error.
Test Article Generators
CH Technologies offers a comprehensive array of Test Article Generation devices for liquids, dry powders, cigarette smoke, VOC vapors, and nanoparticles. Whether your application involves the testing of common consumer products, toxic chemicals, or infectious agents; the CH line of aerosol generators provides superior solutions supported by the ingenious, innovative, and dedicated CH technical staff.
Smoking and Vaping Machines
Our unmatched lineup of state-of-the-art smoking and vaping machines for generation and characterization of smoke from combustion products and vapor aerosols from vaping devices offers the manufacturers and distributors of inhalable products, as well as academic researchers, all the tools they need to evaluate the potential health risks of such products. At CH, we pride ourselves on our ability to rise to any challenge in creating a superior solution that satisfies the demands you face.

Sampling & Monitoring Devices
CH Technologies offers the WELAS and Promo families of products manufactured by Palas. They are widely used in filter testing and other applications. Both the WELAS and Promo utilize the proprietary technologies that distinguish Palas spectrometers as the preferred choice. Each CH sampling or monitoring device we deliver features the best technology in the marketplace executed with world-class technical expertise. By choosing CH Technologies you will get the ideal device for your needs with a delivery method optimized for your specific application.

Filter Testing
CH Technologies offers a wide selection of filter media and filter testing devices through its partner, Palas GmbH. CH filtration products offer ideal solutions for manufacturers of filter media, filter additives, or complete filters.
Environmental Monitoring Devices
CH Technologies now offers through its partner, Palas GmbH, the cutting edge family of FIDAS environmental monitoring instruments. The advanced FIDAS Series conforms to all guidelines set forth in EU standards. It is presently advancing through the multiyear EPA testing protocol and is on its way to acceptance by the EPA in the United States as well.
System Control Units
A process or procedure is only as good as the technology that controls it.
CH Technologies has developed and standardized process control technology designed to optimize our inhalation and filter testing systems in a cost efficient way.

Dilution Systems
Dilution systems provide the ability to generate a wide range of concentrations of an aerosol by utilizing dilution air to generate an optimal concentration that renders the particles sufficiently easy to detect.

Electrical Dischargers
Depending on the aerosol generation process, the resulting aerosol can be electrically charged and this can significantly skew the measurement process; electrical dischargers are used to either neutralize, or create, a net charge on the aerosol.

Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
Having a consistent air supply that provides steady flow rates and pressures when necessary is vital for producing reliable data. CH Technologies offers a number of compressors and vacuum pumps to best suit your needs.

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