Environmental Monitoring Devices

CH Technologies now offers through its partner, Palas GmbH, the cutting edge family of Fidas® environmental monitoring instruments. The advanced Fidas® Series conforms to all guidelines set forth in EU standards.

Ambient air conditions are continuously monitored for particulate matter by the US, EPA, and other national and international agencies to ensure that levels do not exceed the established standards for human health.

The Fidas® Series, available exclusively through CH, provides state-of-the-art environmental technology. The Fidas® series of instruments can be tailored by CH to fit your specific needs whether the requirement is for ambient air monitoring systems in the environment or the workplace.

Each Fidas® system sold by CH is supported by the wealth of knowledge that our engineers and scientists possess. In addition, the close relationship CH enjoys with Palas allows us to benefit from strong support with full access to and cooperation with their scientists, designers, and product support professionals.

Please see below for some monitoring campaigns performed by CH Technologies with various groups in different locations to evaluate the performance of ambient monitoring devices.

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