Test Article Generators

CH Technologies offers a comprehensive array of Test Article Generation devices for liquids, dry powders, cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapor, VOC vapors, and nanoparticles. Whether your application involves the testing of common consumer products, toxic chemicals, or infectious agents, the CH line of aerosol generators provides superior solutions supported by the ingenious, innovative, and dedicated CH technical staff.

Our experienced scientists and engineers stand ready to tailor and support any CH Test Article Generator to meet your specific needs.

Every CH Test Article Generator we deliver benefits from the combination of the best technology in the market and our world-class technical expertise. By choosing CH Technologies you get the apparatus appropriate for your needs with a delivery method optimized for your specific application.

CH Technologies enjoys a close relationship with Palas GmbH of Germany. That relationship provides CH with full access to Palas' broad spectrum of outstanding liquid and powder generators and equips us to be your one-stop resource for optimized solutions.


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