Aerobiology & Biodefense

Decades of painstaking work on infectious diseases have brought the scientific and public health communities to a better understanding of transmission vehicles and propagation patterns. However, there are still populations and regions in the world that are struggling with preventable airborne diseases, such as Tuberculosis. New strains of flu viruses with potential pandemic impacts need to be investigated and mitigated. Also, in an era of elevated threat of intentional use of bioengineered microorganisms, for terrorist purposes or in warfare, an abundance of resources are devoted to understanding how these infections may spread and what can be done to protect the general population and military personnel in case of such events.

CH Technologies has built a strong reputation over the years as the industry leader in providing high performance inhalation exposure systems for bioaerosol exposure; including bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. Our systems have been successfully used to conduct in vivo studies with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, H1N1 and H1N5 flu viruses, Bacillus Anthracis, Yersinia Pestis, etc. Most of the Regional Biocontainment Laboratories  in the United States use CH Technologies systems to conduct exposures under BSL2 and BSL3 containment. Our bioaerosol exposure systems are built with high quality, temperature and chemical resistant materials which, combined with redundant safety features, make our systems appropriate for biocontainment conditions and resilient to frequent and harsh decontamination cycles.

In partnership with Germfree Laboratories, Inc. and Biaera LLC, CH Technologies offers complete turn-key packages for aerobiology and biodefense that include high quality BSL2 and BSL3 containment as well as automated computer control with GLP capabilities.

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