Turnkey Systems

More than the Sum of the Parts

Just roll it in and turn it on. A turnkey inhalation exposure system's ability to eliminate potential headaches cannot be overlooked.

Thus, due diligence demands that CH Technologies' ability to deliver precision engineered and optimized turnkey inhalation exposure systems should be given serious consideration.The added value of CH Technologies' expertise and experience evidences itself in the significant peace-of-mind and ease of start-up that a CH turnkey installation affords.

Placing your trust in CH Technologies will reward you with an inhalation exposure system that precisely matches your requirements, is safe to operate, and is built to last. Simple equipment suppliers cannot match CH's ability to deliver a total system. It demands CH engineers' specialized ability to bridge the disciplines of sound engineering with applied toxicology and biology.

At CH Technologies, customers find far more than a source of high quality devices, hardware and software. Customers find complete turnkey solutions where the CH inspired synergy between various system elements results in more than the sum of the parts. At CH, our experienced engineering team will design complete packages that carry out the most accurate inhalation exposures to the test articles you want with the animal species of your choice.

At CH Technologies small things matter tremendously.
It is our passion.

In the field of inhalation toxicology, the microscopic properties of respirable particles far exceed the power of our senses. Despite their small size, the impact they have on our lives and environment is profound. Combining the latest technology with our culminating expertise of aerosol science, we work beyond the current capabilities of research to push the boundaries of inhalation toxicology.

This is why here at CH Technologies we believe the small things count. Our attention to detail has long been a mark of quality on our products, resulting not only in publications, but lasting relationships with our customers.



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