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Custom Design of a Turnkey Inhalation Exposure Systems

CH Technologies appreciates that more often than not our customers focus on getting a job done properly rather than seeking out a specific piece of equipment. We realize the process of selecting and integrating equipment for an optimized operation can be quite complex; we have decades of experience doing it.

Enlisting the support of CH Technologies' skilled and experienced engineers and technicians equips you with a vast wealth of expertise committed to optimizing your system.

CH Technologies is comfortable and experienced in creating a custom inhalation exposure system designed to meet a specific experiment's needs; we leave no rock unturned and no detail untouched. The complete CH system will be ready to run an experiment shortly after its unboxing.

IQ/OQ/PQ Validation

For CH Technologies customers that require installation, operation, and performance validation, we will provide the service suited to your specific needs.

Service Contracts for Long-Term Technical Support of Our Systems

After sale care is a hallmark of CH Technologies. CH equipment is made to last and we pride ourselves on ensuring that it is serviced well so that its operation is long-lived and reliable. To help ensure that you, as a CH customer, enjoy that certainty, we offer service contracts for all our equipment.

There is no greater peace of mind than knowing the people who built your equipment are on-call to ensure its consistent proper operation.

Testing of Material Samples as Appropriate

Ch Technologies has no desire to sell you a product that will not work for you. We are happy to ensure that our products will do what you need utilizing your sample material.

In cooperation with our partners at Palas GmbH, we can also provide sample testing to specific filter testing standards as well.

Training and Continuing Education

CH Technologies' products, research procedures, and efficient practices can be sophisticated and complex. Upon installation of a device or system, CH will ensure that the end user is thoroughly and properly trained using the best methods available. We make sure that each customer understands how the equipment works and what it is capable of doing. At CH you not only get the best equipment, but with our training and continuing education, you get the best of you.

Upgrade and Overhaul of Existing Systems

Whether made by CH Technologies or another company, sometimes a system gets recycled. Other times it gets repurposed for a setup for which it was not designed. Instead of your trying to adapt it for new needs, call us. We have a generous amount of experience in this area.

CH will provide you with the proper items to make the new experiment work. Time and time again we have been called upon to change a setup, or to make another manufacturer's equipment work more reliably. Let us worry about the small bits and pieces because we know the small stuff matters. With CH taking care of the details, you can focus on the bigger picture at hand.

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