The CH Story

Our Roots, Our Passion, Our Promise

It all began with a novel idea. What if we put a hollow square peg into a round hole and placed it in an inhalation exposure system? Would it improve aerosol delivery into the breathing zone by centering the inlet? The answer was yes. Thus was born CH Technologies and the first of a large family of CH products serving inhalation research.

CH Technologies will be the most customer centric and innovative resource for state-of-the-art devices, systems, services, and solutions expressly designed to facilitate oronasal and respiratory inhalation research and data collection.

It is that centering principle that our flagship product, ONARES, uses to aid scientists in conducting groundbreaking research around the world.

Dr. Rudolph Jaeger, the man who fathered the original idea, and whose accomplishments in the field of inhalation toxicology are well known, founded CH Technologies with the purpose of providing tools to advance the field of inhalation toxicology and bio-aerosol delivery.

With the incorporation of CH Technologies in 1994, Dr. Jaeger focused CH on building relationships with leading edge research enterprises and developed original ideas to support the work of the scientists at those leading edge institutions and businesses. That business model has served us well as CH continues to grow both in size, and in the tools it offers.

In our role as a partner to scientific discovery, CH creates innovative tools capable of supporting the advancement of inhalation toxicology research. We stand ready to offer complete solutions that harness our devotion to the sciences and our openness to reengineering our product concepts to perfectly suit the needs of scientists working to expand the boundary of man's knowledge.

Our relationships with partner companies are central to the commitment we make to our customers. These synergistic relationships broaden the scope of our product offerings.

  • Palas GmbH – Innovative solution for industry and research
  • Biaera Technologies – The complete resource for building and sustaining an aerobiology program       
  • Germfree – Fifty years of Biosafety Innovation
  • Naneos GmbH - Miniature nanoparticle instrumentation made in Switzerland
At CH Technologies small things matter tremendously.
It is our passion.

In the field of inhalation toxicology, the microscopic properties of respirable particles far exceed the power of our senses. Despite their small size, the impact they have on our lives and environment is profound. Combining the latest technology with our culminating expertise of aerosol science, we work beyond the current capabilities of research to push the boundaries of inhalation toxicology.

This is why here at CH Technologies we believe the small things count. Our attention to detail has long been a mark of quality on our products, resulting not only in publications, but lasting relationships with our customers.



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