System Control Units

A process or procedure is only as good as the technology that controls it. CH Technologies has developed and standardized process control technology which was designed to optimize our inhalation and filter testing systems in a cost efficient way.

Regardless of the process complexity, CH will tailor a solution that best addresses your needs with a focus on reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. CH solutions range across a spectrum from simple manual controls to full-fledged, computer controlled, GLP-compliant systems. Our standard system control units are equipped with digital and analog control devices that offer outstanding stability and performance.

While optimized for CH inhalation exposure systems, our system control units can be customized with specific control features to meet the needs of a broad range of CH and non-CH systems specifications.

Should your needs call for the ground-up design and construction of a cutting-edge process controller to run your own exposure system, our experienced engineering team has considerable experience in creating optimized solutions.

Our built-in, or stand-alone, data recording and processing software offer sophisticated tools for monitoring and analysis of system parameters, including air flow, pressure, aerosol characteristic, and environmental conditions, for QA/QC validation or GLP compliance.

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