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Breath Collection System

Evaluating the exhaled air from an animal can be difficult when looking for metabolites in very small quantities. Anesthetic agents, including most inhalation anesthetics, the barbiturates, narcotics, local anesthetic amides and curare-like compounds are metabolized and can result in a decreased ability to detect small quantities of other compounds. CH Technologies has designed a breath collection system for unanestized animals to increase our customer's abilities in investigating biomarkers and metabolites.

At CH Technologies small things matter tremendously.
It is our passion.

In the field of inhalation toxicology, the microscopic properties of respirable particles far exceed the power of our senses. Despite their small size, the impact they have on our lives and environment is profound. Combining the latest technology with our culminating expertise of aerosol science, we work beyond the current capabilities of research to push the boundaries of inhalation toxicology.

This is why here at CH Technologies we believe the small things count. Our attention to detail has long been a mark of quality on our products, resulting not only in publications, but lasting relationships with our customers.



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