Sound Attenuated Vacuum Pump

CH Technologies offers a robust rotary vane vacuum pump housed in a sound and vibration dampening enclosure. By reducing the noise and vibration of the pump, this enclosure can be operated in close proximity to the inhalation tower without disturbing the animals. While providing sufficient vacuum for most applications the enclosure emits only 47 dB(a) of noise.

The pump's surrounding air is vented away with a cooling fan to maintain a consistent temperature. Flow is unrestricted at zero pressure and max vacuum occurs at relatively low flow. The performance characteristics of the pump can be seen below; see model number 0523.

  • Limits and isolates the noise produced by an air supply
  • Limits and isolates the heat produced by an air supply
  • Output at 20” Hg Vacuum ≅ 28 L/min (1 CFM)
  • Power Requirements : 110/220 VAC at 50/60 Hz
  • Motor : 1 HP
  • Full Load : 6.5 Amp
  • Noise level : 47 dB(A)


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