Partial Flow Dilution Systems

The VDD partial flow dilution system is recommended for diluting large droplets ( >5 µm). The VDD dilution system is ideal for diluting liquid aerosols because of its ability to provide a variable dilution factor and minimization of losses with large droplets. The dilution factor of the VDD series is continuously variable from 1 to 10 by using a mass flow controller in combination with suction from a downstream measuring device, such as the Welas® or Promo® series of aerosol monitors.

When used in combination with a downstream measuring device the particle size distribution and concentration is measured to the highest accuracy. This combination has been successfully used in the past for measuring the droplet size of a coolant lubricant. The VDD series dilution system is specifically used for diluting highly concentrated liquid droplets.

  • The dilution systems from Palas are characterized unambiguously and each is documented with a calibration certificate for the individual device
  • Variable Dilution within the range of factors 1 through 10
  • The dilution systems can be cascaded with the factors 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000
  • The dilution steps are combinable with all common particle counters
  • With a simple test set-up these cascaded dilution systems can be checked by the users themselves
  • Dilution of highly concentrated large aerosol droplets
  • VDD 10


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