Aerosol Monitors

CH Technologies offers the WELAS and Promo families of products, manufactured by Palas GmbH. They are widely used in filter testing and other applications. Both utilize the proprietary technologies that distinguish Palas spectrometers as the preferred choice.

The use of white light, the patented T-Aperture, and the "Time of Flight" analysis are technologies that correct for inaccuracies common in other aerosol spectrometers and single particle counters. The Welas family of monitors is controlled by a choice of either an attached computer, or an integrated touch screen. Both allow for Palas’ integrated and proprietary software to control the devices, as well as use of control integrated units such as full filter testing systems.

CH also offers an online concentration monitor for situations that do not require the full capabilities of a spectrometer, but still require knowledge of the aerosol concentration in a system.

As with all CH products, the Welas and Promo series are supported by the experienced, attentive, and ingenious staff at CH Technologies. Thus, beyond the state-of-the-art technology, you benefit from our top tier engineering and technical staff.

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