MDI* Mixing Actuator

The CH Technologies MDI Actuator is designed to regulate the delivery of aerosol from metered dose inhalers. The standard holders accommodate devices of different sizes and geometries.

The user can load up to 6 or 12 units which can be actuated simultaneously or sequentially. The protocol of shaking and discharging of the devices are programmed into the controller. The aerosol can then be delivered to an exposure system or to sampling and monitoring devices for further analysis.

*Metered Dose Inhaler

  • Able to accommodate inhalers of different sizes and geometries
  • Can be integrated into other systems
  • Allows for precise delivery
  • Highly stable concentrations during prolonged exposures
  • Resistant to frequent decontamination procedures with chemicals or autoclaving
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerobiology
  • Biodefense Research


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