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HPP Pinch Valve


On June 15, 2015 the Human Puff Profile Cigarette Smoking Machine has been upgraded to utilize a pinch valve instead of a reed valve for better efficiency, operation, and maintenance. The pinch valve provides many benefits over the reed valve as well as a better overall experience with this cigarette smoking machine. The new pinch valve provides a better seal at higher flow rates and pressures and does this while taking almost no wear to its vital components. If large particulates are generated the pinch valve provides a 100% tight shut off without compromising the seal. Lastly the pinch valve provides true full bore so there is no resistance to the fluid passing through the open valve. The new pinch valve has been designed to be compatible with the HPP-CSM and works very efficiently, regardless CH Technologies will continue to cater to our customers who have the previous version with the reed valve as well.

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