Human Puff Profile Cigarette Smoking Machine (CSM-HPP)

The CH Technologies' Human Puff Profile Cigarette Smoking Machine (CSM-HPP) provides an extraordinarily versatile single cigarette smoking or e-cigarette vaping machine that can be used in a plethora of configurations to best suit the user's application. It can be operated not only with standard smoking regimen, such as FTC, ISO, CIR, etc., but is also able to replicate real human puff profiles with great accuracy.

The CSM-HPP pump is equipped with a high speed Maxon motor which offers instantaneous speed variations sufficiently large to allow duplication of extreme individual puff profiles possessing sharp slopes and dents up to 200 ml puff volume. All parts in contact with smoke or vapor, including piston, cylinder and valves, can be removed for cleaning without tools.

The CSM-HPP can smoke a cigarette, or vape and e-cigarette, with up to 500 identical puff profiles or 16 different human puff profiles that perfectly mirror a smoker's recording. This feature allows for duplication of observations made on smokers demonstrating distinctly different puff profiles from lighting of the cigarette to discarding of the butt. The way different individuals smoke cigarettes may have significant impact on the tar yield and the composition of the chemical mixture generated by the combustion process. The end results may also differ from those produced when the combustion processes emulate the standard smoking regimen. CSM-HPP constitutes a uniquely positioned research tool to explore these differences and their potential impact on health effects of cigarette smoke or e-cigarette vapor.

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HPP Schematic
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Specifications and Advantages
  • Accurate reproducibility of human puff profiles
  • Accurate emulation of standard smoking regimen
  • Environmental smoke collection available
  • Simple procedures to upload smoking profiles using Excel-based templates
  • Portable and easy to maintain
  • In Vivo and In Vitro Cigarette Smoke Exposure Research
  • Cigarette Smoke Analytical Studies
  • E-cigarette Exposure and Analytical Studies
  • Drug Discovery
  • Single HPP
  • Dual HPP


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