XRC Discharger System

The XRC 370 is a neutralizer that operates on the basis of bipolar X-ray ionization. Regardless of the initial charge of the particles, a reproducible equilibrium charge distribution is always set; this is a unique advantage when bipolar neutralization is utilized. This is why bipolar neutralization is mandatory for a traceable calibration of a condensation particle counter as per ISO/CD 27891.

The XRC can be integrated directly into a U-SMPS or DEMC control unit. The full performance of the device is available instantaneously, and vice versa, no further ionization takes place after switching off the device because the associated radiation from the X-Ray source stops immediately. One large advantage of the XRC over the radioactive source is its ease of transportation because of the ability to halt ionization. The XRC was characterized and tested via scholarly research; it was analyzed and found suitable as an alternative to a Kr-85 neutralizer as can be seen in the graph provided. It was determined that switch-on behavior, volume flow, particle material, and concentration have either no effect or very little effect on the neutralization of the particles when these steps are kept operational and constant.

The XRC's ability to be switched off when not needed also extends the life significantly so that the source can often be used over several years. Measurements have been performed at different volume flows by inducing flow rates on the aerosol up to 6 l/min; this resulted in no influences on the neutralization of the aerosol particles.

The regulations regarding X-rays are slightly different in every country. Please contact the competent authority in order to obtain more detailed information on the operation of the XRC 370 in your region.

  • Reliable method for setting defined bipolar charge distributions
  • Powerful alternative to radioactive neutralizers
  • Flexibility in operation, no additional operating license required
  • Can be integrated into U-SMPS / DEMC control unit
  • Full performance available immediately after switching on and ionization stops immediately after switching off
  • Suitable for concentrations up to 107 particles/cm3
  • Neutralization for SMPS and DEMC systems
  • Neutralization for filter test systems
  • Neutralization for diverse measuring tasks and to avoid particle losses due to electrostatic deposition
  • Aerosol research
  • Laboratory and field measurements
  • XRC 370


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