Corona Discharger System

The Corona Discharge (CD) systems offer a reliable and non-radioactive method for neutralizing a charged aerosol consisting of either liquid or solid particles. This discharge of an aerosol in this manner has its own designated standards, for example ISO 11155-1. The CD system generates ions with a positive and negative charge by applying a high voltage. The ion generation process is purely electrical and can therefore be switched off at any time. For this reason no operating license is necessary for this type of ionization discharger. The CD unit requires little effort for operation and offers various mixing flow rates from different models.

The CD system can be used to neutralize the charge of a dust or liquid aerosol or, vice versa, to electrically charge it. Regardless of the high voltage applied and generated in the Corona chamber, no (or few) sparks are generated. The Corona Discharge unit ensures that current flows under all circumstances such as various temperatures or conditions of the electrode. The voltage supplied to the CD is fully adjustable.

The fractional separation efficiency of a filter or filter medium is typically measured to be higher without a discharge unit; excluding Electret filters or Electret filter medium. For this reason, typical filter standards, such as EN 779 for room filters, usually require the use of a discharge unit. Different models are offered for use with various flow rates.

  • No operation license required for radioactive instruments
  • Bipolar discharge through negative and positive ions
  • Applicable for solid or liquid aerosols
  • Robust design
  • Simple operation
  • Reliable function
  • Low maintenance
  • Discharging or charging of aerosols
  • Aerosol research
  • Filter testing
  • CD 2000
  • CD 2000 A (Applicable flow rate: 2–18 m3/h, diameter of aerosol inlet øi = 6 mm, diameter of aerosol outlet øo = 8 mm)
  • CD 2000 B (Applicable flow rate: 3–36 m3/h, diameter of aerosol inlet øi = 13 mm)


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