Available from CH Technologies, Palas' newly developed and certified Fidas® family represents the next generation of ambient monitoring equipment. The Fidas® family of environmental monitors is unique in its ability to monitor both PM 2.5 and PM 10 (according to EU standards). The Fidas® family of devices provides for specific applications ranging from testing potential monitoring sites and indoor air quality measurement to full weather station integrated, outdoor ambient, monitoring systems.

With the excellent technology from Palas GmbH, and CH's innovative and technically astute engineers and support staff, CH Technologies is well equipped to assist the architects of the next generation of environmental monitors to develop their networks. An example of the data that can be obtained using any of the Fidas® systems is shown below. The data is made viewable and automatically documented through Envirologger Ltd.

Fidas Data
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***Notice the increase of PM10 and PMTot around mid-day on 10/08/2015. This was due to the use of a 2 cycle weed cutter in the vicinity of the Fidas® sampling station. At the same time there was relatively little increase in particle number. For the data recorded and shown above, the sampling station was located in an outdoor suburb environment.

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