The mini web logger is a "push" technology internet data logger which can accept digital or analogue inputs from several popular environmental monitoring sensors and instruments. It is small, compact, and IP55 rated for outdoor use. It is battery operated and can also be used with renewable power sources such as solar panels or wind turbines along with a battery. The logger will collect data and using its internal Wi- Fi or cellular modem transmit it to an internet data server in near real time. Data is accessed using our browser based data analysis application,, or an optional Windows software package as preferred. We also provide an API allowing direct online access to the database.

Up to 20 channels of data can be configured on each logger and the interrogation, averaging and transmission times can be configured for each individual channel. Alarm levels can be set and automated emails sent when alarms are breached. The mini web logger features advanced power management allowing the logger to run at lower power and to "sleep" between transmissions. Data uplink is by Wi-Fi or by optional cellular modem which is internally installed and can be supplied with various antenna depending on the signal available at the monitoring location. (SIM card required)

  • API available for online access
  • Up to 20 channels of data
  • Provides alerts and notifications
  • Lower power mode available
  • Able to run on renewable power sources
    At present the sensors supported are:

  • COZIR - (CO2, Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
  • Lufft - WS series Meteorological Sensors
  • 2BTech - Ozone Monitors
  • Naneos Partector - Ultra-Fine Particle Monitor
  • Palas - FIDAS 200 - PM Monitor


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