With the Mas-Q-Check, automatic safe on-site testing of respiratory masks is possible within 1 minute!

The Mas-Q-Check was developed by Palas to subject protective masks to a quick, simple and yet meaningful test before use. A particle counting measurement device is used, which is able to detect efficiencies in the size range of viruses and bacteria. The system can also be used for training purposes as it immediately shows the efficiency of protective masks.

The mask is placed on the test head before use. Using a high-resolution aerosol spectrometer, the particle contamination (size and quantity) in the ambient air is measured. Afterwards the device switches automatically and determines the value of the particle contamination behind the protective mask. This can be repeated automatically several times. The ratio of the two measured values is used to determine the degree of protection of the protective mask. A simple display immediately shows whether the mask can be used.

The degree of protection provided by a respirator depends on the filtration effect of the mask material as well as the correct fit on the head. Leakage can occur (i.e. air passes the material and enters behind the mask unfiltered), which affects the protective effect. By means of the test on the standard head with the Mas-Q-Check, both effects are simulated simultaneously and the real protective effect of the mask against particles in the outside air is measured. The result shows the degree of protection in comparison to the FFP Class of the mask on the test head. Optional on display is the efficiency for different particle sizes. So the degree of protection may vary with regard to the particle size.

The Mas-Q-Check works in suction mode with a volume flow of either 9.5 l/min or 95 l/min, defined according to EN149 or EN143, which corresponds to the maximum human breath. The measurement of particle contamination in the room and after the breathing mask is carried out by means of a high-resolution aerosol spectrometer, which precisely measures particle sizes from 140 nm to 1 µm. Thus, the protective effect of viruses is also determined.

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  • Fully automated test with self-explanatory operation
  • Quick easy and exact measurement of the degree of protection of masks on site
  • Quality control of masks in daily use
  • Overall evaluation of the degree of protection from filtration efficiency and leakage combined
  • High resolution measurement result in the range of 100 nm up to 1 µm
  • Evaluation of the degree of protection in comparison to the FFP class, optional display with regard to particle size
  • Clear distinction of the degree of protection in the size range of viruses, bacteria, and above
  • Confirmation of the degree of protection of masks
  • Confirmation of the protection of employees working in medical environment
  • Training to show the correct use of masks with direct measurement of the degree of protection
  • Evaluation of the real degree of protection in comparison of the FFP Class
  • Mass-Q-Check Basic
  • with a volume flow of 9.5 l/min
  • Mass-Q-Check Professional
  • with a volume flow of 95 l/min (pictured)


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