Aerosol Concentration Monitor

The concentration of an aerosol is monitored at a user selected sampling point by a Casella Microdust Pro that utilizes forward light scattering and a real-time aerosol monitor (RAM). The RAM provides a voltage output proportional to the aerosol concentration with the concentration displayed on the monitor’s screen. Data can be recorded to a computer in real time, or downloaded following the procedure's completion. 

For use with in-line measurements, the RAM is equipped with a specially designed laminar flow Clean Lens Adaptor (CLA). The CLA is designed to prevent the deposition of aerosols on the lens surfaces of photometers.

  • Wide range from 1μgm3 to 2500 mgm3 in single meter
  • Data-logger with >15,700 readings
  • Detachable probe
  • TSP, PM10, PM2.5 or respirable measurements
  • Firmware calibration and zero in the field
  • 4 user defined calibration routines available for differing dust types
  • Alkaline or rechargeable batteries or mains power
  • 32bit WinDustPro PC software as standard
  • Occupational health & safety monitoring
  • Walk through surveys
  • Site boundary monitoring & environmental measurement
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Testing respiratory equipment or air filtration efficiency
  • Research activities


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