Dustview II
Measuring the Dustiness of Dust

The CH Technologies Dustview II, manufactured by Palas GmbH, is engineered to determine how likely a powder is to form a plume of dust and how enduring the plume will be. 

Dust formation can negatively impact operational safety, air quality, and the reliability of the production process. Measurement of dust formation after a materials' free fall and impact is the first step in avoiding unwanted dust formation. 

The fully automated DustView II dust measuring device provides a fast and accurate measurement of even the smallest dust particles released after a materials' free fall and impact.

  • High information content in terms of the dusting behavior of bulk materials
  • DustView II following CIPAC MT 171
  • Fully automated, reproducible measuring process
  • Fully automated control and evaluation by Panel PC, no need for an external PC
  • Easy and intuitive operation by touch screen
  • Quick measurement procedure (40 s)
  • Compact and portable device
  • Comparison between multiple measurements possible
  • Single measurements / serial measurements
  • Reports as PDF, text files or via printer
  • Reliable function
  • Self-calibrating through automatic offset-alignment
  • Automatic internal service notice
  • Quality control
  • Product development
  • Process optimization
  • Production losses
  • Operational safety
  • Work hygiene
  • Measurement of environmental pollution
  • Prevention of dust explosion hazards


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