Mercer-Style Cascade Impactor (MCI)

The CH Technologies Mercer-style Cascade Impactor (MCI) is a seven-stage aerosol sampler used for aerodynamic particle size distribution measurements. Cascade impactors have been in use for over 60 years with an inherent simplicity and predictability that makes them the standard by which other methods are compared. Each Mercer-style Cascade Impactor is precision engineered and fabricated to provide the sharpest particle size cut-off efficiency curves available.

During operation, aerosol is drawn through a series of successively smaller jet openings and impacted on collection surfaces (impaction plates). After particles pass through each jet, they must make a right angle turn to follow the air stream. Larger particles cannot make this turn and impact on the collection surface. Each lower stage of the impactor is designed to provide successively higher jet velocities so that the average size of particles collected is progressively smaller. A filter follows the final stage to collect very small particles that have successfully bypassed all of the collection plates.

After sampling, the impactor is disassembled and the aerosol mass collected on each stage is determined. The results are then analyzed by plotting the data on log probability graph paper or by using a computer program to determine the Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD) and Geometric Standard Deviation (GSD) of the aerosol sampled.

  • Industry standard
  • Simplicity of operation
  • High reliability and predictability
  • Suitable for dry powders and low volatility liquids
  • Low maintenance
  • Inhalation studies
  • Environmental measurements
  • Aerosol research


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