DNP (Defined Nanoparticle Generator)

The DNP (Nitrogen-Based Graphite Particle Generator) Series offered by CH Technologies, and manufactured by Palas GmbH, creates the smallest particles of any of our generators. DNP utilizes proprietary technologies to vaporize and then condense the test article starting from solid rods of a conductive material. Essentially, the DNP takes a high melting point solid and vaporizes it by utilizing a high voltage. Subsequently, when the vapor cools nanoparticles form. DNP's use of nitrogen makes it ideal for inhalation studies or any study that requires the use of atmospheric air. The DNP provides another alternative to nitrogen by utilizing Argon (Ar) as the carrying gas (previously advertised as the GFG).

DNP was originally created for the purpose of generating a simulated diesel exhaust by using graphite rods as a test material. However, since then, a wide variety of materials have been used in similar fashion. DNP facilitates the study of aerosols from a wide range of materials such as Graphite (C), precious and semi-precious metals such as Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag), or Gold (Au), as well as any conductive material.

  • Consistent size and concentration of particles
  • Adjustable particle size distribution
  • Similar particle structure to diesel soot
  • Can use pure metals and metal alloys as test article
  • Nanoparticle generation
  • Separation efficiency for diesel soot filters
  • Inhalation exposure studies
  • DNP 2000
  • DNP 3000 (Digital)


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