DSP Series

The DSP Series offered by CH Technologies, manufactured by Palas GmbH, is a large scale soot generator designed to simulate combustion products. DSP functions by combusting a fuel gas in the presence of air. Major features of the DSP Series include the ability to adjust the mean particle size of soot as well as the particle concentration. This is achieved by using a high-tech patented burner.

The DSP Series easily achieves the very high concentrations and mass flow rates required to test diesel soot filters in filter efficiency tests. Designed with safety in mind, the DSP Series is equipped with a comprehensive safety package.

  • Adjustable median particle size from approx. 10 nm up to 200 nm
  • Adjustable soot mass flow from approx. 50 mg/h up to approx. 3 g/h
  • Operates against overpressure up to approx. 300 mbar
  • DSP 3000 H: mixed air up to 60 m3/h, controlled heating up to 300 °C
  • Comprehensive safety package with pneumatic backup, automatic switch-off independent from software, mechanical bursting protection, automatic shut-down of fuel gas with open burner or with power cut
  • Test of diesel soot filters (DPF)
  • Test of CVS installations
  • Inhalation tests
  • Atmospheric tests
  • Test sensors in exhaust-gas systems
  • Test of smoke detectors
  • DSP 2000
  • DSP 3000
  • DSP 3010
  • DSP 3010 H


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