MedTec In Vitro Systems

CH Technologies (USA) now offers MedTec Biolab’s in-vitro systems for conducting cell exposure at the air-liquid interface. The CelTox Samplers were designed with the user in mind by providing a versatile design, smaller footprint, and effective delivery of gases, vapors, particles, and aerosols onto cultured cells.

The CelTox Samplers can be purchased as a stand-alone device or paired as a turn-key system with CH Technologies' repertoire of test article generators, sampling, and monitoring devices that can be integrated into the in-vitro system for ease of use.

Options for this device include a base model and an upgraded model which includes electrostatics. Both models can accommodate various multi-well formats. For more information, feel free to inquire with our sales and service technicians.

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  • Multi-well Formats
  • Small Footprint
  • Easy Setup
  • Minimal Training
  • Gas Exposures
  • Particle Exposures
  • Temperature Regulated
  • Humidity Regulated
  • Combustion Emissions
  • Volatile Chemicals
  • Secondary Organic Aerosols
  • Cigarette & E-cigarette Smoke
  • Bioaerosols
  • Nanomaterials
  • Dermal Exposures
  • Drug Delivery
  • 6-well format
  • 12-well format
  • without electrostatics
  • with electrostatics


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