Skin/Dermal Exposure Systems

Challenging a dermal surface with an aerosol or gas can be difficult without the right devices. We have addressed these issues by developing the CH Technologies Skin/Dermal Exposure Systems.

A cup is fixed onto a patch of skin and then a well mixed aerosol or gas is pulled through this zone, exposing only the dermal surface to the test article. It can be used to test the dermal toxicity of aerosols and/or gases. The system also gives the user the capability to test the efficiency of dermally applied products such as cosmetics, ointments, and body sprays.

Different skin zones can be exposed to different test articles and operated independently of each other for performing multiple test article exposures simultaneously on the same or multiple subjects to increase throughput efficiency.

The system has been designed to deliver precise concentrations of test articles and various sampling and monitoring devices can be connected to measure the concentrations of the test articles during the exposure.

  • Modular Design
  • Highly Versatile for aerosol and gas exposures
  • Can be used on animal or human test subjects
  • Skin zones can be operated independently of each other
  • Skin toxicology tests
  • Efficiency testing of cosmetics, ointments, body sprays, and other dermally applied products


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