In-Vitro Exposure Systems

Now you can take your existing well plates and perform aerosol exposures! The purpose designed system allows you to add and remove well plates of different sizes easily. A thoroughly mixed aerosol can be delivered to a set of wells containing your incubated cells.

Our In-Vitro systems can be purchased as turn-key systems by combining this with our repertoire of test article generators or sampling and monitoring devices. Alternatively, they can also be used as stand-alone devices or paired with existing generators and monitors.

There are multiple ports to connect various sampling and monitoring devices to in order to measure and control the concentrations of the test articles during the exposure.

  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Easy to load well plates
  • Well mixed aerosol dispersion
  • Additional ports for sampling and monitoring devices
  • Low Cost
  • Highly Versatile
  • Cell exposure research


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