Hazleton Whole-Body Exposure Chambers

CH Technologies offers Lab Products H750, H-1000 and H-2000 whole-body inhalation exposure chambers for accommodating large numbers of animals of various species. The H-1000, with an internal volume of approximately 1 m3, has the capacity for up to three individual stainless steel mesh cage units. The H-2000 with an internal volume of approximately 2 m3 has the capacity for up to six individual cage units. Each cage unit is divided into a number of individual animal compartments depending on the size of the animals.

Hazleton chambers are designed for uniform mixing of exposure atmosphere while protecting each level of animals from the excreta of animals on other levels. The castor mounted chambers are mobile, designed for efficient set-up and tear-down, and they are cage washer compatible. Each cage unit comes with an automatic watering system and removable food tray. This, along with readily serviceable excreta pans, allows for continued use of the chamber as animal housing during off-exposure periods.

  • Cage capacity ranges from 60 mice per cage unit (180 total in the H-1000 or 360 total in the H-2000) to 16, 24, or 32 rats per cage unit depending on animal size (48-96 in the H-1000 or 96-192 in the H-2000).
  • Cage units can be mixed and matched to accommodate a variety of animal sizes.
  • Hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, and primate caging is available.
  • Excellent performance with full or partial animal loading.
  • Chambers are mobile and the 32" wide Hazleton 1000 will fit through a standard laboratory door.
  • Reduces handling and animal care costs by combining animal exposure and housing into one unit.
  • Fabricated from glass and stainless steel components with silicon seals that are all cage washer compatible.
  • Suitable for gasses, vapors, aerosols and mixed atmosphere exposures.
  • Repeated dose through chronic inhalation studies.
  • Efficient Animal housing during off exposure periods.
  • Continuous, 24-hour per day, exposures possible interrupted only by animal care activities.
  • Hazleton 750 - two cage unit capacity
  • Hazleton 1000 - three-cage unit capacity
  • Hazleton 2000 - Six-cage unit capacity


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