Whole-Body Inhalation Exposure Systems

For inhalation exposure protocols requiring that subjects be unrestrained and exposed to various test atmospheres, CH Technologies provides an ideal solution with our Whole-Body Inhalation Exposure Systems.

Whole-body systems come in a variety of configurations with the most common design relying on dynamic exposure chambers that maintain a constant throughput of air. With this system test subjects are exposed while free to move about in groups or segregated in single animal cells. Whole-body systems are best suited for longer term studies such as sub-chronic or chronic studies, or for exposures that require simultaneous exposure of large numbers of animals.

Other equipment used in CH whole-body exposure systems such as aerosol generation, sampling and monitoring, and system control devices are the same as those found with ONARES. However, they are appropriately interfaced with the various types of CH whole-body exposure chambers.

In partnership with Allentown Caging Systems and Lab Products, CH Technologies offers a wide portfolio of whole-body exposure systems, ranging from a single BCU cage (for up to 10 mice or 5 rats) up to single-volume or multi-volume chambers that can expose hundreds of animals at the same time. Our whole-body chambers can also be used to house the animals on a day-to-day basis so the system can function as both exposure chambers and living quarters.

Each CH whole-body system is custom designed by our knowledgeable engineers and ruggedly constructed to deliver outstanding performance regardless of the size and length of your study.

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