For Automated Experiments
For experiments with zero tolerance for error in safety, data acquisition, or procedure, CH Technologies offers the AeroMP manufactured by trusted CH partner Biaera Technologies.

The AEROMP inhalation process control system provides for:

  • Integrated monitoring and control of the inhalation exposure system components
  • Safety in inhalation exposure operations
  • User-defined inhalation system performance parameters
  • Comprehensive data recording and event logging to document and archive component functions.

The AeroMP software allows the user to simultaneously monitor and control the various functions while the component's interdependence is managed through the computer hardware and software. The result is a reliable, flexible, easy to use system that produces a single data stream which facilitates:

  • Rapid analysis of experimental outcomes
  • Tracking experimental performance over time
  • Direct comparisons between individual components of individual experiments.

AeroMP serves as an ideal tool for those looking to increase the efficiency of their inhalation system operation. It is the perfect choice for organizations that are required to have a high degree of sophistication in their data acquisition, processing and reporting procedures, especially for GLP compliance.

  • Automatic experiment control
  • Integrated DAQ
  • Remotely controlled through dateline
  • Monitors environmental conditions
  • Conducted in BSLIII and IV Environment Research
  • Infectious disease research
  • GLP compliant experiments
  • Aerobiology and biodefense


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