Labflow P II

The Standard Unit
CH Technologies' Labflow P II is the standard control unit for the CH Technologies' inhalation exposure systems designed to run under positive pressure. The Labflow P II controls the pressure of the compressed air supply to the system, the air flow of all system air supply lines, and the three sampling lines used to run various sampling devices.  This functionality allows for accurate control of aerosol concentration, chamber pressure, and humidity.

All control and measuring instruments are mounted on the front panel of the Labflow P II's lightweight aluminum case. All connectors for the system lines are located on the rear panel of the case. All connectors are the push-to-connect type that allow for simple and easy plumbing of the control unit with the system.

The Labflow P II compact design allows for placement inside or outside a containment hood. CH recommends this system for use with medium scale or positive pressure exposure systems.

  • Designed to be used with a variety of exposure systems
  • 3 sampling lines
  • Reliable needle valve based control
  • Smoke exposure systems
  • Medium size inhalation experiments
  • Chemical products testing


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