Labflow V II

For Negative Pressure Systems
While positive pressure systems are preferred for chemical products testing and smoke exposure, they are not advised for use in the world of infectious disease and highly toxic agent testing. Infectious disease testing demands a sealed high containment system. The sealed system needs to be run under negative pressure. For this type of system, CH Technologies has focused its expertise to create the Labflow VII. This unit will monitor, control, and maintain the necessary safety measures to ensure that operators are kept safe and the environment remains contaminant free.

The Labflow VII uses integrated mass flow controllers in conjunction with air inlet and sampling lines to maintain a preset pressure in the chamber, it also provides the researcher with functionality that allows for easy sampling and control of their systems.

Labflow VII is designed with optional data acquisition and transmission capabilities which, coupled with CH Technologies' System Process Monitoring software, can be used for supporting and complying with GLP requirements.

  • Automatic control of chamber pressure
  • Redundant safety features
  • Filtration of chamber exhaust
  • Accurate control of sampling lines
  • Optional DAQ
  • Inhalation systems
  • Chemical products testing
  • Pharmaceutical research


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