HFP Series

CH Technologies and Palas GmbH both take great pride in meeting customer needs. To that end, Palas developed the HFP series of test benches to specifically fit a customer's need. It achieved this goal so successfully that it has become the cornerstone of their expanding line of filtration testing devices. 

The HFP Series provides a highly effective means for testing coalescing filter media. It utilizes the high mass flow available from the AGF Series to generate the significant amount of fluid this type of filter media would sustain in normal operation. The horizontal layout of the HFP allows the filtered fluid to flow off downward for measurement of the drainage effect. The aerosol generator PLG 2000 is used to generate the required aerosols. The generation system is combined with the respected Welas 2000 in order to measure fractional efficiency.

Reliable measurement results, simple operation and a flexible, modular layout are the basis for the great success of this filter testing system.

  • Reliable measurement results
  • Simple operation
  • Flexible, modular layout
  • High aerosol mass flow rates; up to 1.5 kg/h
  • Testing of coalescing filter media
  • Pressure drop measurement
  • Fractional efficiency


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