MFP Series

CH Technologies offers the MFP Series manufactured by Palas GmbH. This line of equipment represents an excellent one stop shopping solution for filter media testing. The MFP Series offer the most flexible test benches on the market. Each one offers the flexibility to be configured to measure multiple standards and operate with equipment from other manufacturers. 

Based on the test requirements specified in standards like EN779, ASHRAE 52.2, DIN 71460-1, ISO TS 11155-1, ISO 5011, EN 1822, ISO 29463 or based on special practical requirements, the MFP test rigs are equipped with different systems for aerosol generation, electrical discharge of aerosols, aerosol dilution, and air humidifiers. Utilizing special ducting built by Palas, an aerosol generator and a particle monitoring system are integrated with proprietary software to form the foundation for this exceedingly versatile and capable family of devices. MFP models are capable of providing snapshot views of test parameters like factional efficiency, pressure drop, and dust loading.

The clear determination of the fraction separation efficiency is performed highly accurately using the aerosol spectrometers welas® digital 1000, 2000 and 3000. The wide range of interchangeable welas® sensors allows the measuring system to be perfectly fine-tuned even for particle concentrations up to 1 g/m3 with SAE dust in accordance with ISO 12103-1.

  • Internationally comparable measuring results
  • High distribution of the measuring system
  • High reproducibility of the test procedure
  • Simple use of different test aerosols, e. g. SAE Fine and Coarse, NaCl/KCl, DEHS
  • Flexible filter test software FTControl
  • Sequence programs for pressure drop measurement, fractional separation efficiency measurement and loading measurement
  • Easy to handle; fast training even of inexperienced staff
  • Short set-up times
  • Cleaning and calibration can be accomplished by the customer himself
  • Simple use of the measuring technological components also in other applications
  • Mobile set-up, easy to slide on reels
  • Reliable function
  • Proof of the clear function of the single components and the complete system during pre-acceptance and delivery
  • Testing of filter media and small filter elements in the product development and during the production control.
  • Testing possibility according to ISO 11155-1 (Cabin air filters), ISO 5011 (Engine air filters), EN779/ASHRAE 52.2 (Room air filters), EN 1822-3 (HEPA filters), CEN EN 143 and other standards in different versions.
  • MFP 1000
  • MFP 1000 HEPA
  • MFP 2000
  • MFP 3000
  • MFP Nanoplus


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