MMTC Series

The MMTC Series offered by CH Technologies and manufactured by Palas GmbH provides the perfect device to test cleanable filter media according to VDI 3926. The MMTC Series' compact design, simple operation, and ease of use ensure success in the industrial laboratory setting.

The test rigs in the MMTC series enable testing of filter media with different test dusts. They can be supplied with heating up to 250°C and with adjustable relative humidity of up to 80%. Special sampling probes enable on site measurements in the filter housing. With the aid of specially shaped filter holders, the so-called garland effect on a filter hose during cleaning can be simulated.

In addition, with the aid of the aerosol spectrometer Promo® the particle concentration and particle size distribution can be determined with the highest time resolution. The test specimens can therefore be accurately analyzed during the cleaning pressure burst, and the cleaning parameters can be optimally fine-tuned to the medium.

The CH MMTC Series provides a reliable and economical testing system for quality control and development of cleanable pulse jet filter media. MMTC test benches are in use with great success around the world. 

  • Comparable results due to the large number in use
  • Reproducible test results
  • Can utilize powders that are set in VDI standard
  • Simulation of the Garland Effect
  • Real time measurement of the downstream particle size and concentration
  • Short set up time
  • Standardized test according to VDI 3926
  • MMTC 2000
  • MMTC 2000 E:
    Constructed of stainless steel for temperatures up to 70°C
  • MMTC 2000 EH:
    Constructed of stainless steel with insulation for temperatures up to 250°C
  • MMTC 2000 EHF:
    Constructed of stainless steel with insulation and humidity control for temperatures up to 250°C
  • MMTC 3000


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