DFP Series

CH Technologies' DFP Series offers the one-stop device for testing compressed air filters. This unit is designed to exceed the ISO 12500 standard and is capable of testing filters at up to 10 Bar. 

The DFP Series integrates CH Technologies' state-of-the-art consistent and effective devices into the system. The PLG, AGF, and RBG can each be used to provide test articles to the system. The Welas 3000 provides the system with a measurement and control apparatus. The DFP Series is designed for maximum convenience with everything controlled by an integrated computer system.

  • Internationally comparable measurement 
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer 
  • Short set up time
  • No need for third party cleaning and calibration
  • A media holder can be provided (optional)
  • Test of filters according to ISO 12500
  • Test of filter media
  • Drainage determination on loading


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