HMT Series

CH Technologies' Heatable Modular Test (HMT) series is a purpose built modular test rig. The nature of oil filtration often requires that the separation is achieved at high temperatures and pressures. The quality control and development of separators should be preferably accomplished under practice-relevant test conditions. Oil separators must therefore be tested under the application conditions at high temperatures up to 150 °C and, depending on its application field, at high pressures.

If you aspire to create new types of oil separating filters or provide an effective method of quality control for your existing production line, then the choice of the HMT Series, supported by both CH Technologies' and Palas' expert service, will ideally suits your needs.

  • Detection and evaluation of fractional efficiency
  • Assessment of loading 
  • Isothermal measurement
  • Isobaric measurement
  • Reproducible results
  • All components can withstand temperatures of 150 °C
  • Quality control of oil separators
  • Development of oil separators (filtration, inertial methods, etc)
  • HMT 1000
  • HMT 1000 P:
    Heatable for oil nebulizers according to ISO 20654 with +/- 200 mbar control


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