Animal Restraint Devices

CH Technologies offers Animal Restraining Devices for a multitude of rodent species (Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Hamsters and Rabbits) in a variety of sizes and designations (open & sealed). These devices are manufactured in high grade plastic for high durability performance.

  • Available in open and closed varieties
  • Range of sizes to accommodate multiple ages and species
  • Quick loading push button restraint lock
  • Industry Standard Port Size
  • Chemical and temperature resistant
  • Inhalation exposure studies
  • Pesticide research
  • Drug development
  • Cigarette smoke studies
  • Infectious disease studies
  • Highly toxic agent studies
Model Weight Range (g)
CHT 247 20-25
CHT 249 150-325
CHT 250 250-450
CHT 2500 400-750
CHT XXL 750-1000
CHT Rabbit 2000-5000
CHT Ferret  


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