The CSM-eSTEP was designed as a cost-effective E-cigarette puffing machine. Because of its small size and SIGNIFICANTLY lower cost (when compared to traditional smoking/vaping machines), the eSTEP is ideally suited for small scale analytical or inhalation exposure applications as well as pilot studies.

The system consists of a micro-controller, either a positive or negative pressure driven control box and a modular holding chamber or block which can be crafted to accommodate disposable, or cig-alike types as well as tank types (either button or flow activated). E-power is not controlled nor supplied. The modular E-cigarette holding blocks and chambers are custom designed for the end user's brand and model of E-cigarette. It is engineered to fulfill a wide range of application requirements. The eSTEP can be adapted to work with any combination of cartomizer (tank) and battery regardless of style or size (note: extra cost options apply).

The device's operation is simple and intuitive:

  • The E-cigarette device is first manually loaded into the specified holder designed for positive or negative pressure puffing
  • Next, the user selects their desired puffing protocol (CORESTA-style protocol, custom protocol, etc.)
  • Finally, puffing begins while an optional air driven actuator (for button activated types), triggers the E-vapor device so that heating operation is synchronized with every positive pressure puff

The eSTEP utilizes traditional negative pressure or newer positive pressure puffing (note CORESTA CRM 81 defines puffing by suction) a puffing method that is very attractive for analytical applications that require non-aged E-cigarette vapor to be generated or sampled right from the mouthpiece of the vaping device. The user can select a pre-programmed CORESTA style vaping protocol or create a custom protocol. This custom vaping device allows the user to adjust the puff length, puff volume and puff period all from an intuitive, push-button display.

  • Custom designed for the end user's E-Cigarette brand and model
  • Supports various E-Cigarette combinations and sizes
  • Supports CORESTA recommended puffing regimen (positive/negative pressure)
  • Software allows for easy setup of custom user defined automated protocols
  • Can utilize positive pressure puffing so the e-vapor can be delivered directly from the mouth piece
  • Robust and reliable operation
  • Compact and light-weight bench top design
  • Ideal for small scale E-cigarette smoke exposure applications
  • In Vitro vapor exposures
  • In Vivo vapor exposures
  • Taste evaluation
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Analytical vapor studies


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