Cigarette Smoking Machine CSM-STEP

The CH Technologies' Cigarette Smoking Machine CSM-STEP is a cigarette smoke and e-cigarette vapor generator that is ideally suited to small scale applications. The CSM-STEP features state-of-the-art manual cigarette smoking or e-cigarette vaping technology for analytical and inhalation exposure studies.

The newly improved Single Cigarette Smoking Machine features increased puffing/vaping protocol flexibility while utilizing a more precise dosing technique. The stepper-motor driven pump on this machine allows for more exact volume and duration when performing any of the standard or user defined puff profiles. The machine can now produce bell shaped puff profiles such as in CIR and FTC standards as well as square shaped puff profiles as have been recommended by CORESTA for e-cigarette smoking applications.

Cigarettes or e-cigarettes are loaded and removed manually and a gas or electric igniter is used to ignite the cigarette. The CSM-STEP can be easily adapted for compatibility with any length or diameter of cigarette or e-cigarette. Smoking materials such as cigars, natural wrapper materials, pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes, and other materials are readily accommodated by this device. With a new add-on module, positive pressure puffing is possible for analytical applications that require non-aged cigarette smoke/e-cigarette vapor to be sampled right from the butt end of the smoking device.

The CSM-STEP can be optionally equipped with a side stream collection as well as a main stream and side stream mixing/dilution system. By varying the main stream smoking pattern and the flow rates of side stream and dilution air, the system can generate a wide range of cigarette smoke or e-cigarette vapor mixtures with various main stream to side stream ratios and overall smoke concentrations. The CSM-STEP is capable of simulating various smoking regimens, including the ones outlines by FTC, ISO and CORESTA. Custom smoking regimens can be user-programmed as needed using a push button display.

  • Various protocols, regimens, cigarette sizes, & tests are supported
  • Supports FTC, ISO 3308, CIR and CORESTA recommended puffing regimen
  • Software allows for easy setup of custom user defined automated protocols
  • Environmental Smoke collection capability
  • Well suited for e-cigarette testing
  • High stability and reliable operation
  • Compact and light-weight bench top design
  • Simple maintenance procedures
  • Ideal for small scale cigarette smoke exposure applications
  • In Vivo and In Vitro Cigarette Smoke Exposure Research
  • Cigarette Smoke Analytical Studies
  • E-cigarette Exposure and Analytical Studies
  • Drug Discovery


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