Vilnius (VAG) Series
Dry powder disperser

CH Technologies' Vilnius Aerosol Generator is a general purpose dry powder disperser that uses a semi-fluidized bed system that allows outputs of aerosol dust concentrations from 1 to 2500 mg/m3.

The VAG utilizes optical feedback control to provide a constant output concentration to provide a stable mass flow of powder. 

The VAG is well suited to low volume systems and has been used successfully for a variety of applications that require careful handling of small amounts of powder, such as pharmaceuticals and lunar dust. Click here for an example of a recent poster using the Vilnius at the Respiratory Drug Delivery conference to see its performance!

  • Small footprint, takes up little work space
  • Fluidized bed generator
  • Particle size range: < 0.1 μm - 100 μm
  • Produces aerosol concentrations from 1 to 2500 mg/m3
  • Exceptional deagglomeration characteristics
  • Continuous operation for 0.5 to 6.0 hours
  • Double-headed model is available for longer operation time
  • High stability of aerosol output; concentration controlled through an optical Casella aerosol monitor
  • Aerobiology
  • Aerosol Research
  • Inhalation Studies
  • 1 head
  • 2 head


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