Wright Dust Feeder II (WDF II)
Dry powder disperser

CH Technologies offers the Wright Dust Feeder which is manufactured to the highest standards. It is an industry staple and one of the most widely recognized dust generators. It has a well earned reputation for consistency in dispersion and particle concentration. Its standard carbide cutter heads reliably and consistently produces a stable concentration of aerosol.

  • Carbide cutter heads standard
  • Available smaller accessory mini-chamber for lower concentrations
  • Superior consistency in output characteristics
  • Wide output range -.0026 to 60.0 g/hr of unit density dust
  • Employed by many manufacturers of dust associated products
  • All motor speed selectors are dual voltage and select automatically
  • Aerosol Research
  • Filtration Studies
  • Inhalation Research
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Occupational Hygiene-Atmospheric Pollution
  • Nuclear Science
  • Calibration of Aerosol Samplers and Instruments
  • Crop Research, Deposition Studies
  • Meteorology


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